Announcing the new Drupal Pilipinas website: #GawaSaDrupal

Eladio Abquina • 8 July 2019

Today we announce the new home of Drupal Pilipinas,! This launch serves also as the start of our key initiatives for the community.

Open Social + Pantheon

We want to build a site that showcases the power of Drupal and its ecosystem. We think that Open Social is the perfect choice. This Drupal 8 distribution has a lot of features that will make our vision come true.

The site is maintained by only a few volunteers from the community, so we want a platform that can help us speed up the process of developing, testing, deploying and maintaining the site. Pantheon was also an excellent choice for this.

We are very happy with the new site, and we can truly be proud of it as #GawaSaDrupal! 

Move from Facebook Groups

Most of you may be part of the Drupal Pilipinas FB Group. With the new site, we are now planning to disable the group and would like to ask all the current members to move and sign-up to the new Drupal Pilipinas site. We encourage everyone to start now or before our target date to close the group, which will be on October 1, 2019. 

We think that we can better organize our content with the new site. Right now, we have created 3 specific groups for our common posts or content:

  • Community Stream - Our general community discussion, announcements, and events from Drupal Pilipinas and its members. 

  • Jobs - In FB, we add job posts along with our general discussion stream. Sometimes we miss community questions and this is an attempt to have a single stream specifically for these posts 

  • Group Events - Anyone can post an event. Create your own group too for more frequent events you wish to group together on the site.

We will still maintain our Facebook Page for announcements and social shares coming from the site. Some of you may have read Dries’ call to rejoin the Open Web and this move is also to support that. We encourage everyone to support this cause too, not just for Drupal but for other communities and organizations too!

Lipat na tayo sa bagong website!

Not only in English

Puwede mag-Tagalog! Just like in our Facebook Group, we encourage everyone to freely ask questions and talk to people in their own comfortable way. Walang problema kahit Cebuano o Ilocano pa! And this is where the power of Open Social comes in, where we can allow creating multiple Drupal specific groups under the same site and can converse freely with your “mother-tongue” dialect. We also want to explore the use of Social Courses and Social Languages feature. We know a lot of our volunteers are willing to share knowledge, and we feel that introducing content with a more familiar language can help our audience better. Stay tuned for updates as we prepare for its launch Q4 of 2019.

New Initiative: #GawaSaDrupal

We also want to revive the community to keep on sharing their projects just like the Community Case-Studies page. We want to find out Philippine-based projects and celebrate the growing adoption in the country. We believe that sharing more projects will help promote not just individuals but also the agencies behind them. This is also our part to be in line with the Promote Drupal initiative.

We are very excited about this launch and we hope to see more of you guys. If you have questions, requests, more ideas or any suggestions, don't hesitate to ask via the community stream at or send an email at Salamat!