Drupal Pilipinas

About Drupal Pilipinas Inc.

Drupal Pilipinas Inc. is a non-profit, SEC-registered entity that promotes, advocates, and teaches the open-source platform Drupal. It was founded for the common good of those who are in the Drupal community and individual Drupal enthusiasts.

Drupal Pilipinas is an organization, which provides continuous learning and contribution to the community of Drupal Developers locally and internationally.  The organization was established since 2008 and was accredited by the Drupal Association in Portland since 2013.

The continuous support of the organization to the Drupal community made Drupal Pilipinas to be widely known to the industry providing jobs and other opportunities to its pool of web developers under the same content management framework, Drupal.

Aside from the support of the organization to the professionals practicing Drupal, Drupal Pilipinas has also been very active in bridging the gap between the academe and the industry. School tours like seminars, workshops, and training were conducted with more than a hundred schools all over the Philippines since 2012. This once again was recognized by the international Drupal Organization and was acknowledged through their website last 2013. The enthusiasm and interest of the youth especially students in learning the platform makes Drupal Pilipinas very eager to strive for the benefit of their future career and hopefully part of the country’s economic growth. With over a thousand members nationwide, Drupal Pilipinas has been the fastest-growing community in the country

Our Mission

Our mission is to do Mentorship and enable the Filipino community with the power of Drupal, and other open-source tools. We partner with many communities that share the same passion.

We believe that we can serve the Philippine Drupal Community by the power of mentorship. We are a volunteer group to mentor the youth, the young minds. We want to let the youth contribute and include to other professionals for consistent training and incubation program for developers in the community.

We believe that we can help people by mentoring them to achieve their goals for their careers, projects, and community building.

We believe we can To become a trusted organization in the community for building events, training, and projects.

We are not just a meet-up group, we are an organization that promotes in a large-scale, locally and internationally and be a role model in South East Asia. We want to be acknowledged by foreign partners with our mission.

We believe that in technology, there is no superior platform or tool, but only the people that make it more valuable than the other. Everything is welcome, and Drupal embodies that being built profoundly found elsewhere. Openness and having an Openmind.


How to Find Us.

Drupal Pilipinas Inc. office is at:

Regus 4/F Unit 4 C& D,
Commerce and Industry Plaza Building
Mckinley Town Center, Park Avenue
Taguig, Philippines, 1630
Phone: +63 683 6200 local 6261
Website: www.drupalpilipinas.org.ph
Email: hello@drupalpilipinas.org.ph

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